Aby-a-Day – Day 333 of 365

While going though old photos looking for pictures of Gun-Hee and Patrick, I found this photo of Angel, taken about a week after we adopted her.


I was struck by the resemblance to this recent photo of Jacoby:


I guess there’s a reason the ancient Egyptians carved so many likenesses of them back in the day.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 333 of 365

  1. This could just be me, but it looks like Angel has gained a little weight since that picture was taken. I’m not saying she’s fat or anything, she just looks like a sad little waif in the photo!

    Gorgeous silhouettes, either way. I’d like to see a picture of one of the Abys sitting next to Tessie, both of them in silhouette.


    1. She was only 1 year and 3 months old when we adopted her – really young! I’ve noticed that Abys keep growing after their first birthday (at least, the three I’ve had so far have); Jake has grown a lot, too, since his birthday in April.

      As for your second question…



      jaketess 011

      These are the recent ones…not exactly silhouette, but close…Jake and Tessie actually weigh almost the same (He was 11.1lbs and she was 11.4lbs the last time we weighed them on Nov. 14), but they look so different. This right here is why I love purebred cats: I’m just so fascinated by the differences!


      1. Ah, so I wasn’t just seeing things, she IS bigger now!

        Thank you so much for the other photos. It’s adorable how Tessie is all round and plump next to Jacoby’s sleekness. It’s extra funny knowing that they weigh the same, since she looks so much heavier.


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