Very Aby Holidays – Safety and Enlightenment

Jake’s recent accident has made me realise the importance of having a first aid kit for cats on hand and at the ready. Entirely Pets has a convenient list of items you’ll need to stock it with. The one item that isn’t on the list is No-Chew Vet Wrap, which, I have discovered, is invaluable in keeping bandages from being chewed off, and may just keep your cat from needing to wear a Cone of Shame.

One more handy thing to have in your arsenal is The Veterinarians’ Guide to Your Cat’s Symptoms. This isn’t the sort of book you would refer to for in-depth research, but when you’re trying to decide if you need to go to the emergency vet today or if you can wait to call the regular vet in the morning, it’s a great help.


If you go outdoors after sunset (which, depending on where you live, could start as early as 3:30pm), lighting = safety. There’s a company that understands this and makes an array of safety lights for humans and their pets. Nite-Ize Spotlit and Magic Marker especially are designed specifically for pets. Jake has two Magic Markers attached to the front bars of his stroller, and they help a lot in making it more visible at night. I also generally hang an LED wand from the handlebars as well. Combined with the reflective tape that already sewn into the sides of his stroller, I think we may be more visible in the dark than we are during the day!

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