Aby-a-Day – Day 336 of 365

We had an epic Aby battle over the Thanksgiving holiday.



Jacoby uses Lazors!


It’s not very effective!


Jake seems to spend a lot of time on his back when he and Angel playfight. It doesn’t seem to work that well for him as a battle tactic, but for some reason he sticks with it. You never see Angel on her back like that.


I love that Angel basically takes him down with just one arm. She also always twists around so that her eye is on the same side he is – it’s amazing to watch.


Not sure what this move is meant to accomplish.


Jake tries his Lazors again.


With much the same result. Angel seems to always win the Aby battles, even though Jake outweighs her now.

Festive FooPet Abyssinian

FooPets sent a holiday newsletter this morning that included an image that made me smile…

It’s no Christmas Tree suit, but it’s still a pretty festive Aby!