Aby-a-Day – Day 337 of 365

The other day I was explaining how great litter cabinets are, especially in small apartments, and I realised I have photos of the litter cabinet in action.


Angel on her way in…


Digging around a bit…



What I didn’t get was her bolting out of the cabinet, the bathroom and the bedroom as fast as she could. Ever since Kylie played her “sneak attack outside the litterbox” game with Angel when we first brought her home, Angel is super nervous about using the litterbox. She almost never uses the front bathroom (this is where Kylie prefers to pull that trick, because it’s got a blind corner), over two years later, and she really prefers to use the box in the bedroom bathroom when the other cats are locked out of the bedroom.

She will pee on the sheepskin rugs, piles of clothing on the floor, and in the blankets inside the little show cage/cat fort (which, I remember, is one reason we put it in storage) if she feels that she can’t get to the box “safely.”

During the first week we had her, Kylie and Tessie (who were very unwelcoming to her for several months after her arrival) “treed” Angel on the kitchen counter. I found her up there when I got home from work, cowering next to the microwave next to a little poop. She was so afraid of the big girls that she pooped on a cold hard countertop instead of hopping down and using a litterbox. After that, we sequestered her in the bedroom when we weren’t home.

That’s why it’s so wonderful to watch her thrash Jacoby. She could mop the floor with Kylie or Tessie, too – she’s by far the strongest cat we have. We can’t do anything to her that she doesn’t want done. Our vet doesn’t nag us to brush her teeth because she knows how strong Angel is.

The dynamics between female cats is fascinating. Before now, I’ve never had more than one female. It’s really different from having male cats, even if they’re neutered or spayed.

OMG More Cyoot Kittehs!

Is it me, or is I Can Has Cheezburger featuring a lot of Abys as their Cyoot Kittehs of teh Day?

Caution: Baby Abyssinians can contain dangerous amounts of cute. Be especially careful when operating any type of equipment as the potential for severe distraction and squeefulness is high in certain individuals.