Aby-a-Day – Day 347 of 365

This photo of Angel confronting Jacoby and the mistletoe hat makes me laugh every time I look at it.


Jake’s face just looks so demented and Angel’s body language is so disturbed. Comedy gold.

Hello, Ladies – A web article featuring Jake!

Abyfriend Lee Juslin writes articles about therapy animals, and even though he hasn’t gone on an official therapy visit yet, this weekend Jacoby was featured. You can read it here.

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift?

Check out Sparkle the Designer Cat’s books and calendar. Sales of both books and the calendar go to help cats in need, and if you order quickly (by Wednesday at noon Pacific Time), you can not only get a calendar in time for Christmas, but you can also get it personally pawtographed by Sparkle herself! This calendar also ships internationally as part of Sparkle’s international goodwill program.

I can’t think of a more glamourous way to keep track of important dates, can you?