Aby-a Day – Day 353 of 365

Jacoby is simply fascinated by all things Christmas. He loves the tree and he often sits beneath it or next to it, watching the lights move. He’s also very interested in the stockings, which hang in the window with care since we don’t have a chimney.


He goes up on the windowsill at least once a day to get a closer look at them.


He shows off his impeccable balance and goatlike surefootedness as he steps around the decorations. Sometimes, he reaches up to touch one of the stockings.


But only his own. He only ever grabs at his own stocking, never at any of the others. It’s not the easiest target, and it doesn’t smell that much different from the other cats’ stockings, but somehow, he only ever goes after his own stocking.

This is only his second Christmas; he hasn’t had time to have really learned the difference between his own stocking and any other stocking. So…

How does he know which one’s his? They’ve been up almost a month, and I’ve only seen him try to get his own.