Aby-a-Day – Day 357 of 365

Jacoby is actually very responsive to vocal stimuli. He comes when he’s called, and if you speak to him in a praising, “cuddly” tone, he’ll preen and roll and rub things just as if you were touching him.


He was standing on this bench when I told him how handsome he was and “purred” at him. This is his half-roll, half-elevator butt reaction.


He’s also kneading with his front paws, and I didn’t touch him at all! This is all in response to my voice.


He reacts more to people talking to him than any other cat I’ve had. This may be related to the fact that he also talks more than any cat I’ve had, including the Siamese. Sometimes, you hear him in the other room, making little chirping sounds to himself.