Aby-a-Day – Day 359 of 365

Happy Christmas, everyone! It was quite the cat toy and catnip orgy at our house this morning.


One of Jacoby’s favourite toys was his catnip hash brown.


Although, he also liked his LL Bean faux shearling coat and, well, everyone loved the FroliCat Dart.


Hard to say what he liked best…he also got more of his crispy catnip bacon and his chew mice. Probably the most popular gift overall was the fabulous boomerang bed from Like Kittysville. Everyone took a turn in it, it was that popular.


It was either that, or the squirrel tail I got him at the fly fishing shop. Or the fact that we finally took all the boxes away and he could play under the tree again. He was going bonkers with all the catnip, toys and new things. Just watch:

Happy Christmas, Aby Friends!


Thank you all for your comments and friendship, and we all wish you a prosperous new year.