Aby-a-Day – Day 363 of 365

Jacoby also enjoyed his catnip duck sauce packet.


He licked it until, as Steve Martin so delicately said once upon a time, it had cat spit all over it.


I caught him licking the hot mustard packet, too. “What? If I lick them, they’re mine, right?”


I don’t think that trick works on Tessie, Jake.


Or did you just not want to lick the squirting hot sauce?

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Day 363 of 365

  1. I know this is the Aby-a-Day site, but I’ve really enjoyed all the pictures of Tessie lately. She just looks so sweet and fluffy, and her interactions with Jacoby tend to be really cute. I especially liked when she stole his cat bed in the video of his Christmas crazies!


    1. She can be a real sweetheart. She mothers Jake, and he comes and curls up with him when he wants grooming because he knows she’ll start licking him. She’s the only cat of ours who has had kittens of her own (before we adopted her).

      However, she does have a bit of a mean streak. She doesn’t really like Angel, for some reason. We still don’t know why. Maybe it’s because Angel’s the youngest female and she’s the oldest female, and that’s what girlcats do in their respective places in the hierarchy. I do know cats are matriarchal, and boys are outside all the dominance struggles (at least, amongst neutered cats). But she bullies Angel quite a lot. She doesn’t do that to Kylie, and she never did it to Gun-Hee or Patrick.

      Maybe she doesn’t like that Angel has one eye. I don’t know. It’s not really the sort of thing that’s easy to catch on film (or megapixels, or whatever it is that we capture photos on nowadays).

      She absolutely loves people, though. And she loves to have her belly rubbed. She’ll flop on her back, and unlike some cats, it’s not a trap. She wants her belly rubbed, and she won’t bite you or try to kick the guts out of your arm.

      Kind of like this…


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