Aby-a-Day – Day 349 of 365

15 December 2006 is when we brought Gun-Hee home. This was, of course, ten days before his first Christmas.


And his first Christmas tree.


He waited until Christmas night before trying to climb the tree.


But once he figured it out, we couldn’t keep him on the floor!


It was really high up, too! The predecessor to the tree we have now, I believe this tree was 7′ tall. I guess I’m lucky Jake’s never gotten it into his little Aby brain to climb the tree…

Aby-a-Day – Day 348 of 365

Angel didn’t escape the holiday dress-up entirely unscathed. She was convinced to don a Build-a-Bear Snowflake Cape.


But only because she totally rocked it. And she knew it.


“Yeah, I’m pretty.”


“Now take it off, please kthx.”

Aby-a-Day – Day 347 of 365

This photo of Angel confronting Jacoby and the mistletoe hat makes me laugh every time I look at it.


Jake’s face just looks so demented and Angel’s body language is so disturbed. Comedy gold.

Hello, Ladies – A web article featuring Jake!

Abyfriend Lee Juslin writes articles about therapy animals, and even though he hasn’t gone on an official therapy visit yet, this weekend Jacoby was featured. You can read it here.

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift?

Check out Sparkle the Designer Cat’s books and calendar. Sales of both books and the calendar go to help cats in need, and if you order quickly (by Wednesday at noon Pacific Time), you can not only get a calendar in time for Christmas, but you can also get it personally pawtographed by Sparkle herself! This calendar also ships internationally as part of Sparkle’s international goodwill program.

I can’t think of a more glamourous way to keep track of important dates, can you?

Aby-a-Day – Day 346 of 365

My husband ordered some meat from Omaha Steaks for our Christmas dinner.


Of course, Jacoby thought they were for him. How he knew there was meat inside that thick Styrofoam container is beyond me.


He did actually try to pick up these (frozen solid) steaks and run off with them…

But what’s really funny is that his half-brother Gun-Hee did almost the same exact things when we got Omaha Steaks!

Aby-a-Day – Day 345 of 365

Angel, while being a purebred Aby from a CFA breeder, isn’t really very well bred. Her confirmation is not at all up to the CFA breed standard: It states that Abyssinians should be “medium long, lithe and graceful,” but Angel is more stocky, bow-legged, and, well, she’s built like a brick. The TICA breed standard says Abys’ legs should be “Proportionately slim, long and well-muscled. The Abyssinian stands well off the ground.” Angel’s legs are short, and she has a much lower center of gravity than most Abys.


But that’s okay. Her head, inside and out, is as Abyssinian as it gets.

Aby-a-Day – Day 344 of 365

Jacoby loves his skritches.



Sometimes, he just comes up to me and demands his pettins, which can make it hard to write a blog sometimes.



I just can’t resist that face.

A Couple of Shout-Outs to AbyFriends

There have been a pair of posts out there on the grand old internet that I thought you might be interested in.

Aby-a-Day – Day 343 of 365

Meanwhile, Angel’s off to the side on the cat tree, watching Jacoby in his mistletoe hat…


…thinking, “Better you than me!”

A letter from Purebreds Plus

I got this email today and thought I should share…

Dear Purebreds Plus Adopters, Supporters, and Fellow Cat Lovers:

The air is getting cooler, the decorations are already brightening the house, and children and grandchildren have made their holiday travel reservations. The kitchen is fragrant with December cookery, and a certain furry someone – or maybe a hairless, wrinkly someone – observes the proceedings with more than casual interest.

“Don’t you need help stirring?” asks the Aby, who has already been reminded at least once not to hop up onto the table.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll take care of any food morsels that drop on the floor,” declares the Ragdoll.

And as for the Chausie—let’s just say that it would be unwise to leave that meat in the sink while you go to answer the telephone!

On a more serious note, this is the season when many of us sit down to plan our end-of-year donations, a contemplative time in which we try to align our charitable gestures with our values. There is the food bank, perhaps also the literacy program of the public library, a church or synagogue, and a foundation looking for ways to prevent or manage type 1 diabetes. And then, the Aby hops up onto the table to remind you that there is that rescue where she received nourishment, affection, and possibly expensive veterinary treatment until the day when you appeared and the two of you changed each other’s lives forever.

In recent years, the continuing economic crisis and the rising cost of veterinary care have caused many rescue organizations to close their doors. Fortunately, Purebreds Plus has been blessed with great adopters for our cats, and many wonderful donors and sponsors. Thanks to your adoption fees and donations, we have weathered the economic storm and continue to operate during this time of great financial difficulty. However, in order for us to continue our work, we need to come to you and ask for your continued financial support.

This year, our group rescued many hundreds of cats who would otherwise have ended their lives at local animal shelters. Many of these cats were from people giving up pets in the context of foreclosures. Some cats come into our care with severe medical issues. One poor, brave little kitten named Piper just had to have an eye removed, on an emergency basis, costing our rescue well over $1000 dollars.

Please consider supporting our work by making a tax-deductible donation. Your donation, in any amount, will help us to continue our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing purebred and other exceptional cats. We hope to be able to continue not only to save lives like theirs but, in so doing, to enrich lives like yours.

You can make your donation online on our website, at http://www.purebredsplus.org, or mail it to:

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue, c/o Cyndi Saxton
5939 Davidson Ct.
Valley Springs, CA 95252


Laurel Fagan, President
Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

Angel had to have the same surgery as Piper – Twice, because when her eye was removed, a prosthesis was put into the eye socket, which her body subsequently rejected, so that had to be removed as well. She was fostered from late December 2007 until I picked her up in early October 2008 – nearly a year! She was just 6 months old when they took her in.


So if, as the letter says, you’re looking for a worthy organisation to send a donation, Purebreds Plus is a pretty great one to consider.

(And check out Canela, a red Aby who was just adopted. She looks so much like Angel it’s a little spooky! I would not be at all surprised if she comes from the same breeder.)

Aby-a-Day – Day 342 of 365

Ever wonder what it looks like when a cat wearing a mistletoe hat shakes his head?


Well…now, you know!

Aby-a-Day – Day 341 of 365

Jacoby thinks I’m easily decieved…


“I look so cute with this hat on that mom totally won’t notice if I bite the Christmas tree…”

Hello, Ladies…

Then there’s this little thing I came up with…


All he needs now is a horse!

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Aby-a-Day – Day 340 of 365

Wondering if the mistletoe hat works?


Tessie seems to think so.


She came right up to him and started giving him kisses.


And, at first, Jacoby didn’t seem to mind.


Not at first, no.


Peace, love and happiness didn’t last long.


I don’t know, maybe she wasn’t kissing him. Maybe she was whispering insulting comments about his hat into his ear instead.


Whatever it was, Jake did not appreciate it!

Aby-a-Day – Day 339 of 365

Jacoby got his Mistletoe Cat Hat from ScooterKnits on Friday.


What did I tell you? Sublime. Evil. Genius.

My husband didn’t like it. He said it took away Jake’s dignity.


I had to disagree. Just look at his face. Tell me he doesn’t like that hat!

Bon Anniversaire, Bibi-Chan!

Yesterday was La Pouponette’s Bibi-Chan’s first birthday. He’s grown from a cute little kitten to a very handsome young Ruddy man!

On his birthday post, there’s a wonderful photo retrospective of Ebisu’s first year, including a crushingly adorable photo of him as a newborn kit. Be sure to check it out and send along your birthday wishes.

Aby-a-Day – Day 338 of 365

My husband put Angel’s favourite cat bed on his lap.


Angel was actually very okay with this.


She was kneading so hard and purring so loud!


Knead, purr, knead, purr, knead, purr…

Other People’s Abys – Gardener poisoned neighbour’s prize cats

This is a really disturbing story: A gardener poisoned her neighbour’s rare cats by putting out bowls of tuna laced with anti-freeze because she did not like them urinating on her strawberries.

According to their human, Mr. Baz and his sister Nush suffered “agonising” deaths. Their vet explained, “Mr Baz’s lungs had collapsed. He had no strength, was dehydrated and hypothermic, with a temperature considerably below normal. I had strong suspicions he’d been poisioned,”

Of course, letting the Abys outside on their own probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do, but in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, cats are allowed outside more than they are in North America. And perhaps neutering the twin Abys would have prevented them straying and spraying as much as they did.

Still, regardless of the Abys’ owner’s mistakes, what kind of psychopath poisons cats because they were “leaving nasty smells and pooing in the garden” and the “grandchildren liked to eat the fruit, but we had to be careful because of the cats.” Seriously? Seems to me a fine-meshed fence could have been built around the precious strawberries, or, you know, the kids could have washed the strawberries before eating them.

Aby-a-Day – Day 337 of 365

The other day I was explaining how great litter cabinets are, especially in small apartments, and I realised I have photos of the litter cabinet in action.


Angel on her way in…


Digging around a bit…



What I didn’t get was her bolting out of the cabinet, the bathroom and the bedroom as fast as she could. Ever since Kylie played her “sneak attack outside the litterbox” game with Angel when we first brought her home, Angel is super nervous about using the litterbox. She almost never uses the front bathroom (this is where Kylie prefers to pull that trick, because it’s got a blind corner), over two years later, and she really prefers to use the box in the bedroom bathroom when the other cats are locked out of the bedroom.

She will pee on the sheepskin rugs, piles of clothing on the floor, and in the blankets inside the little show cage/cat fort (which, I remember, is one reason we put it in storage) if she feels that she can’t get to the box “safely.”

During the first week we had her, Kylie and Tessie (who were very unwelcoming to her for several months after her arrival) “treed” Angel on the kitchen counter. I found her up there when I got home from work, cowering next to the microwave next to a little poop. She was so afraid of the big girls that she pooped on a cold hard countertop instead of hopping down and using a litterbox. After that, we sequestered her in the bedroom when we weren’t home.

That’s why it’s so wonderful to watch her thrash Jacoby. She could mop the floor with Kylie or Tessie, too – she’s by far the strongest cat we have. We can’t do anything to her that she doesn’t want done. Our vet doesn’t nag us to brush her teeth because she knows how strong Angel is.

The dynamics between female cats is fascinating. Before now, I’ve never had more than one female. It’s really different from having male cats, even if they’re neutered or spayed.