Aby-a-Day – January 7: Talking in a winter wonderland

People say Siamese talk a lot. I’ve had Siamese, and I have to say, Abyssinians talk far more than any other cats I’ve ever known.


Jacoby especially seems to need to narrate everything he does. It’s hilarious.


“Okay…here I am in the snow! Look at me! I’m standing in the cold, wet white stuff. Are you getting this, here? Cos I’m in the snow! Yep, check it out…cat in the snow! Getting his feet wet!”

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – January 7: Talking in a winter wonderland

  1. MOL, I think he’s saying he has had enough of the snow!

    I’d say I talk slightly more than the average kitty. Sometimes I talk to my toys. My human thinks that is hilarious. I think the way she talks to herself is pretty hilarious too.


    1. Ha! I would tend to agree with you, but he does it in all types of weather…


      And even inside…


      So where most cats would be complaining…I really think Jake’s just talking

      His brother Gun-Hee used to talk to himself. It was hilarious. He’d be in the other room and we’d hear him talking to…his toys? Himself? We never really knew.

      Angel talks to her toys, too. Like I said, the Abys talk way more than any Siamese I’ve ever known.


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