Aby-a-Day – January 8: It’s Angel’s bed, we just sleep in it

When I feed the cats their nightly canned food, I have to feed Angel on her own, in the bedroom. This is partly because Jacoby is such a little piranha and partly because it’s routine now, from the days when Angel was so intimidated by Kylie and Tessie.

While she’s safe behind the bedroom door, she has a little “me” time. She eats in peace, she uses the litter box without the threat of Kylie’s not-so-sneaky sneak attacks, and then she either waits at the door to rejoin the rest of the family or she settles on the bed for a little nap.


One especially cold night a couple of weeks ago, she decided to tuck herself in.


She cleverly chose the side closest to the lamp, the warmer side.


When I came in to let her out, she looked at me like, “What, already?”