Aby-a-Day – January 14: Cupboard bravery

Even after two and a half years, Angel is still more skittish and timid than she should be for any cat, let alone a purebred Abyssinian with 100 years of carefully documented ancestry who’s never had to fend for herself on the streets.


There is one time when she’s almost normal. When there’s raw meat or cold shrimp involved. Then she’s as brave as a tiger.


Its really awesome to see.

Other People’s Abys – Stand By Me

My friend Maymak sent me this YouTube video of a Scottish Fold and an Aby investigating a new thing:

This so reminds me of Jacoby! (Actually, the pair of them remind me of Jake and Tessie.) Jake also stands in the bedroom to look at the fish and the frog…I’ve been trying to get a shot of this for weeks and weeks, but he only ever does it when I have my phone, and I haven’t been able to get a decent shot yet. Someday…