Aby-a-Day – January 15: Dinner is served

Jacoby and Angel love raw meat, sushi and cold shrimp. Kylie and Tessie don’t; it’s really interesting, but when I’m cutting up beef or lamb, all the cats will come and beg, but only Jake and Angel will eat the meat I offer them (they don’t get raw pork or poultry, of course). I often say that if I ever wanted to feed them a raw diet, Jake and Angel would thrive on it. I can’t, because therapy animals can’t be fed raw, but I find it interesting that the Abys would love it.


We had shrimp cocktail on New Year’s Eve, and Jake and Angel had their fair share.


Nom nom nom…


Please, sir, we can has more?


Thanks, Dad!


If that’s not the look of a satisfied cat, I don’t know what is.