Aby-a-Day – January 22: The Hamburglar

Our first Abyssinian, Gun-Hee, loved to steal things and carry them back to his lair, aka the portable show cage that he considered his den, clubhouse and fort. One time, it was raw lamb; another time, it was a package of hot dogs.

Jacoby definitely shares more than a few of his late half-brother’s quirks. Since we’ve brought the show cage back into the apartment, Jake’s adopted it as his hideout.


He also steals meat.


My husband was thawing out some hamburger. I was in the other room, when I heard him shout, “Hey! Jake! JAKE! No!” Naturally, I had to see what was going on.


Jake was in the living room, on the new cowhide rug, with a vacuum-sealed half-pound package of 93% lean ground beef.


He was obviously headed towards his hideout with his ill-gotten gains, but the semi-thawed meat was either too heavy or too slippery for him to carry all the way there.


Not that he didn’t try…


He even tried to get Angel to help him!