Aby-a-Day – January 24: Don’t let the cat into the bags!

This is why I laugh every day…Jacoby is just so entertaining…and silly.


This was back before Christmas. Somehow, Jake got entangled in a plastic shopping bag while scouting the kitchen counter.


To add to the hilarity, Angel and Kylie were sitting on the cat tree, just watching his dilemma.


“Uh, guys…?”


“…A little help, here?”


“Fine. FINE. I’ll manage, thanks anyway.”


It finally dawned on me to get some video of this. I switched my camera over and let it run…for almost 12 minutes. This video is edited down, but as you watch it, remember that, in total, Jake was walking around wearing this silly bag for at least 15 minutes!

He’s such a goofball. Pardon the messy floor; this happened right in the midst of wrapping Xmas presents (which is probably fairly obvious). And if you’re curious about that catchy song, it’s a Korean pop song, 피크닉 (Picnic), sung by Cha Tae Hyun.

Baby, it’s cold outside

It was -2º this morning in Boston (yes, you read that correctly. MINUS. TWO. FAHRENHEIT. Colder than the Arctic Circle. Seriously).

I was woken up in the middle of the night by a warm, soft weight on my neck. Jacoby was wrapped around my neck like an Abyssinian fur stole. I’m not sure if it was to keep himself warm, or if he was trying to keep me warm…

He weighs 11.3lbs now…while I appreciate his concern, he was kind of heavy lying there across my trachea.