Jacoby is ready for his close up

Our friend Sparkle posted a heads-up in her blog today about the Fresh Step video contest on YouTube. I think I missed the earlier post on this, because…a video contest? Sign me up! Or rather, sign Jacoby up…if ever a cat was born to be in front of a camera, it’s him.

Basically, all you need is a cat, at least one video longer than 10 seconds and shorter than 3 minutes, and a YouTube account. Entering is done through Fresh Step’s YouTube channel. The rules are fairly simple; the toughest one for me is that there can’t be any music. Still, I managed to come up with a few entries: I submitted “Jacoby’s Christmas Crazies,” “Acrobatic Jacoby,” “Jake and the Meat Tray,” “Stop! Thief!” and “Jacoby Helps With the Laundry,” and I can still enter 20 more videos before the contest closes on May 16. And of course, now I know not to add music 🙂

I guess this has become a sort of defacto New Year’s resolution for 2011, entering Jake’s photos and videos in contests…but why not, right?

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