Aby-a-Day – February 6: Super Sunday

Finally, it’s the big day! It’s time for Puppy Bowl VII and the infamous Kitten Halftime Show!

This is a tradition with Angel; she was captivated by the romping kittens in 2009 and last year.


When it started this year, she was actually napping in front of the television.


She woke up soon enough to watch the kittens play!


She loves the Kitty Halftime Show.


Jacoby needed a little help getting as interested as Angel was.


And even Tessie wanted to play with the kittens when the confetti started falling during the Grand Finale!

Other People’s Abys – Wanna hear a clean joke?

I Can Has Cheezburger featured an Abyssinian bathing beauty yesterday:

I would say, “I just can’t believe an Aby would sit that still in the tub”…but knowing how some Abys are when a camera’s pointed in their direction, I know better.