Aby-a-Day – February 11: Dashing through the snow

Jacoby actually stayed in the snow for a while. He didn’t seem to feel the cold much at all. I did put on one of his warmest coats, but I wasn’t actually planning for him to go in the snow.


I do have a set of Muttluks for him, but I haven’t tried to put them on him yet. I tried reeling him in, which is how the back of his coat got pulled up like that.


At one point, he even laid down in the snow!

About that coat, I actually wrote a review of it for LL Bean’s website, detailing how I basically took it apart and sewed it back together so that it would work better, and it’s up on their website, complete with photos of Jake modeling my improvements. Sometimes, LL Bean comments on things that their customers say on these reviews, so I’m curious to see if they have anything to say about this.