Aby-a-Day – February 17: He’s a big boy now

Once a month, we weigh each cat and record their weight in Pet First Aid on my iPhone. During their monthly weigh-in last weekend, Angel was 10.4lbs. Jacoby was 11.8 lbs! He’s getting so big!


He used to be such a little guy compared to Angel.


Now look at him!


He’s bigger than his (unneutered) brother Dillin, too. Sherry and I emailed a couple of days ago, and she said, “Dillin weighs 10.78 lbs, and he’s a bit heavy, meaning he would probably be more fit at about 10 lbs. I thought Dillin was big and a bit overweight LOL! He doesn’t feel very fat, just a bit flabby and not really solid like Buddy Guy (their brother from another litter).” Jake is solid; he feels like a coiled spring when you hold him.


Even better, Tessie has lost some weight, and she is now down to 11.1 lbs! Which means that, despite appearances, Jake is officially the heaviest cat in the house.

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