Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

Today’s Page-a-Day Cat Calendar shows three Somali boys!

Interestingly enough, these Somalis live with the same people who had the Calendar Cats on January 4 last year! I’m so envious! Two photos in two years! I’ve been trying to get a photo of my cats into the Page-a-Day Cat Calendar for (literally) 25 years (I know I had one in 1986; I used to save the pages), but I’ve never been one of the chosen. My sister got in once, I think in the 2001 calendar. But I keep trying…someday, I’ll make it.

6 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

  1. The Housekeeper used to get Page-A-Day in her christmas stocking every year, when she had a proper job in the big city they call London and had a desk to put it on! It used to be a real struggle not to peek ahead to see if there were any Aby’s coming up!!

    We also used to have the Brown Trout Abyssinian wall calendar every year too, but either it isn’t published anymore or isn’t available in the UK 😦


  2. Yep, I will take a pic for you. My ginger cat Dexter was Mr. December 29th, 2005 in the 365 Cats page-a-day calendar. Dexter is gone now (it was tragic), but I get to see his beautiful face every day as the photo chosen for the calendar is framed in my living room.


    1. That’s really awesome. My sister got in the 2001 calendar, Sept. 29 (I think)…I had it framed for her for her birthday that year.

      Someday I’ll make it…although, I played kind of dirty this year, sending in a photo of Jake in his mistletoe hat 😉


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