Aby-a-Day – February 26: Jacoby’s first cat show

Well, it was a really long day. I got professional photos taken of Jacoby, which are awesome and which I will share. We got a really great spot for our cage/home base, at the end of a row, with a wonderful neighbour named Lora with two adorable Sphynxes. Having a good space and a nice neighbour are key elements to having a nice show day. Lora is planning to get her boy Sphynx certified to do therapy work though the Delta Society, so we may be seeing them again in a different context.


.Jake did really well. He didn’t hiss, he didn’t get grumpy, and he interacted well with the judges. Considering he didn’t do shows as a kitten, and he’s never been around this many cats before (I think 190 cats are entered), that’s awesome.


The Grand Premier Aby wasn’t able to get to the show because of the weather, so Jake is the only Aby in Premiership. As such, he automatically wins 1st Place, Best of Colour and Best of Breed. As the best male Ruddy Open (an Open cat is a cat who has not yet earned his Premiership), he also receives a Winners Ribbon; when he gets 6 of these, he will become a Premier. Barring a disaster, he should have 6 by the end of the show tomorrow (ribbons at CFA shows can get confusing; the CFA has a tutorial on them).


The bad news is that Jake didn’t make any of the judges’ finals today. He’s a bit overweight, they told me, but his colour and conformation is spectacular. Since it’s winter and we can’t go for walks as often, and because he had his escalator accident that made him less mobile, I think that he’ll slim down as soon as it gets warmer. Besides, I wasn’t expecting him to make a final; I am only hoping to see how he does and for him to earn his Premiership.


We did get to meet Jake’s two little Red/Sorrel cousins, Anubis Taz Mania and Anubis Lew Zealand. They were adorable!

Kylie was the superstar of the family today, though. There were only 6 Household Pets entered, but in two rings she was named Best HHP! I don’t have any photos of her on my camera or phone (I took movies of her), but rest assured that a photo will be procured.


After the show had closed for the day, I rewarded Jake with a little walk around the lobby. I packed his Yap Wrap for the show because it has a built-in handle, just in case! That was just what he needed; I could tell he was getting a little frustrated at being carried all the time.


So I let him wander around and just followed him and kept him from going into the restaurants. We checked out the pool, explored the hallways and chilled on the lobby sofa. It was a good day. Wonder what’s in store for tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – February 26: Jacoby’s first cat show

  1. Congrats to Kylie and Jake and you…
    We likely wont make this show, we got six inches of snow overnight and it’s still snowing, time to climb up on the roof again and clear the snow.
    Maybe next time.


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