One of my New Year’s resolutions is to make the most of my iPhone and all the apps I have thereon. I have three folders dedicated to photography alone! So as a result, I’m featuring more iPhone photos here in this blog; with 5 megapixels, the iPhone’s camera is better than my first two digital cameras and it’s as good as my third.

One of the apps I’ve purchased is Hipstamatic, a nifty little app that recreates, as much as possible, the feeling of using an old film camera. You have a choice of different films, lenses and flashes, and it’s a really fun little program. Of course, I bought it last summer and never used it until…yesterday. And I owe it all to Moderncat, which featured Hipstamaticat last week.

Hipstamaticat is a website devoted to Hipstamatic shots of cats, plain and simple. And since they started in January, there have been over 500 photos submitted!


Of course, I sent in one of Jacoby…but he isn’t the first Abyssinian to have been Hipstamatified!

Bitzyroze submitted two photos of this handsome Aby, whose name I do not know.

Although, these may be two photos of two different Abys, as apparently there’s more than one Aby in the Bitzyroze household…

4 thoughts on “Hipstamaticat!

  1. Cool stuff.

    BTW, I met the woman who carves the abyssinian pumpkins last night! She has been on my facebook page since I discovered that she was a friend of a friend after seeing your posting about the pumpkin. Anyway, she has three abys (ruddy, red and blue) and an SPCA special and was in town to pick up a hedgehog (who, ironically, she named Rosie) and to visit her daughter. She was staying at my friends place, who is an aby breeder and I took Rosie over there last night to get her ears trimmed up for her show this weekend.

    More about the name. My breeder friend had two queens she borrowed to breed to her two studs. It turns out the queens had been romping around with a local tom after escaping their enclosure and arrived pregnant. The ensuing 10 kittens were half-breeds and I was helping her to find homes for them. There was a little female that she named Rosie, in honour of her friend who owned the queens. I loved the name. My best friend adopted little Rosie and I told her I was stealing the name for my aby kitten who was coming home with me in a month or so. So Rosie, named after Rosie, was renamed Hana, so my Rosie could be named Rosie and who subsequently had her name purloined by a crazy pumpkin carving Abyssinian owner who loves hedgehogs and named her newest one Rosie. This woman is a friend of the breeder whose friend’s name is Rosie who started it all – and who I took Rosie to for her ear trimming last night. Get it?


  2. Hey there )
    Sorrele one is girl named Morkovka, means carrot in russian )
    And blue one is boy named Darth)

    Thank you for sharing my pictures )

    And your blog is just an eyecandy for me ))


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