Aby-a-Day – March 17: The Wearing of the Green

In our household, each cat gets assigned a signature colour. Tessie’s is red (like the Red Sox), Kylie’s is pink, Angel’s is purple, and Jacoby’s colour is green. We also live in South Boston, where the shamrock is the official symbol. You don’t even need to be Irish to wear it, so these two factors combine to make St. Patrick’s Day just a little more fun.


This year, I got Jake an awesome harness/vest from Etsy seller Little Paws Apparel and it’s seriously great. Comfortable, and it didn’t come off even when he pulled on it. He wore it all day Sunday on our therapy with no complaints. I may need to buy him some more…


…any idea where I can get a kitty wardrobe to hang all his clothes??


But the best part is, since he’s a Southie kitty, he isn’t limited to wearing this harness in March. It was so cute and so functional, I may use it a lot more often.


We may have to actually venture outside for the parade this year…

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – March 17: The Wearing of the Green

  1. is this harness functional at all as well as adorable? I am harness training my cat leo and this looks so cute and comfy.


    1. It really is! The Velcro is super-strong and holds no matter how Jake may pull on it (not that he’s a big puller, but he is strong and mainly muscle). He wore it for the good part of a day, and it never seemed to need to be adjusted or resettled…it just fit and worked.


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