Better Luck Next Time

No dream job for me. I was not selected as the Purina Cat Chow Correspondent, but according to the email I got today, I was a runner-up.

They did send me a nice form letter, though:

Koshka, you are amazing. In fact, we think you’re the cat’s meow. Unfortunately, you weren’t selected as the Purina® Cat Chow® Correspondent.

Thanks for letting us get to know you better. We learned a few things about you:

1. You tell a great story.
2. You are really talented.
3. You have a boundless passion for cats.

To show our appreciation, we’d like to give you a special gift. When you buy any size bag of Purina® Cat Chow®, we’ll give you a bag of the same size, FREE.

And I get a free bag of Cat Chow, so there’s that. But I’m surprised how disappointed I am, considering I never really thought I’d get it. I guess, deep down where I didn’t notice, I actually did have a little feathered fluttering hope. I suppose that’s why cats pounce on and kill feathered, fluttering things. They know better about these things.

As they say in Boston…there’s always next year.

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4 thoughts on “Better Luck Next Time

  1. I know this is not much consolation, but the competition was REALLY fierce for this! My human personally knows about a half-dozen women who applied for this and they were ALL qualified and then some! So trust me, you are in GREAT company by not winning – look at it that way!


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