Aby-a-Day – May 8: This is mine

For his birthday, Jacoby got a new rolling carrier for therapy visits.


This one, by Pet Gear, is a lovely sage green, it’s very roomy, and it has two leash/seatbelts inside to secure him safely in place. It can be used as a rolling carrier, shoulder bag, regular carrier, backpack, or car seat.


He took to it immediately.


I’m not sure, though, if he was camping out in it because it was new and he loved it, or if he was camping out in it to prevent anyone else from getting their hairs and scent all over the inside.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – May 8: This is mine

  1. This looks really cool – in fact, my human is tempted to get one for me. Of course, the only place she ever takes me is the vet’s, so it would immediately be spoiled in my eyes.


  2. Jake. This carrier looks awesome. We only live a 5 minute walk to the vets and The Housekeeper hates using the car but cat box carriers are so awkward to carry. Can you let us all know how you get on with this as a backpack, please


    1. I will…I do tend to use this when we’re on visits, so I have a backpack on as well, but I’ll try to use it as a backpack at some point.

      It also has a shoulder strap, and the wheels have a retractable nylon cover, so when you use the carrier as a carseat, it doesn’t get the car dirty. Pretty slick!

      I found them for sale in this eBay.co.uk seller, and I’m very impressed with their price – much less than what I paid on sale here in the States!


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