Aby-a-Day – May 20: Put me in, coach! (Fashion Friday)

Since he’s named after Jacoby Ellsbury, and his registered name is Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home, of course Jake has a Red Sox jacket.


He actually got it for his birthday last year, but he needed to grow into it, and it also needed some alterations to make it fit properly.


I added a hole in the back for his leash, too.


He also has an authentic-looking home jersey and a Red Sox cap (it’s a state law that all residents must own at least one Red Sox cap).


If only I could find a way to take him to Fenway!

Meow Mingle, Moderncat and Jackson Galaxy!

Since I am a Northern California native, born in Sacramento and raised in Davis, it takes a lot to make me wish I was in LA,

There was a post on Moderncat today about the event next Wednesday and, oh! I would love to go to this with Jacoby as my date. Moderncat is one of my favourite blogs, and Jackson Galaxy, star of the new Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell,” is my new personal hero.

How much fun would we have at this thing?