They played me!!

I woke up this morning before my husband, without the usual weekend assistance of Jacoby biting my head. When I got up, all the kitties escorted me to the kitchen to show me their empty bowls. Since I was the first one awake, I obligingly gave them their daily ration of crunchies, which they tucked into.

When my husband got up a short while later, he checked their bowls and commented, “Wow, there’s still a lot of food left.”

“Oh, yeah, I gave them their dry food already,” I explained, believing he thought it had been there since yesterday.

“You what!?” He said. “But I fed them already this morning!”

“You did? When? Their bowls were empty when I got up…” I was starting to smell a bay rum-scented rat.

“6am! They woke me up so I fed them and went back to bed.”

Those sneaky little brats! “THEY PLAYED ME!” I cried. “Those little sneaks PLAYED me! I should have known something was fishy when Jake wasn’t biting awake…”

Such is life with devious felines of the Aby persuasion.

3 thoughts on “They played me!!

  1. That is not just an Aby trait. It is also a tortie trait – Binga used to think she was the master at this. But the humans learned to check in with each other on this.


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