Aby-a-Day – May 22: You’ll never walk – or do anything else – alone. EVER.

Living with an Abyssinian means never having to be in the bathroom alone.


I always have an eager companion “helping” me.


And the best part is, it doesn’t seem to really matter whether or not I actually need any help!

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – May 22: You’ll never walk – or do anything else – alone. EVER.

  1. I don’t help my human in the bathroom. Sadly, it is the other way around – I’ll be in the litter box and next thing I know, my human is there, pretending not to watch me! She says she is just making sure I am “healthy.” I say she is weird.


  2. This is not an Aby only trait. Every morning Tuna joins me in the bathroom, She loves water and will stand in the sink while I’m brushing my teeth until the water covers her feet. She insists on sitting on the back of the toilet and licking my head while I’m sitting there. She’ll demand headbutts by standing on her back legs on the counter and putting her paws on my shoulder. Then she demands to be brushed with MY brush when I’m brushing my hair.

    For those reading who don’t know Tuna, she’s my four year old tortie with tortietude.


    1. Tessie will come in the bathroom too, but she usually just sits quietly on the toilet seat or on the rug and watches me.
      Sometimes (less often) Kylie will come in with me, too, but she usually goes in with Dave.

      Angel and Jake are the two who have to help me (Jake more than Angel).


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