If you’re in the market for an Aby kitten…

…I happen to know where you can get an AWESOME one!

Sherry, Jacoby’s breeder, sent me an email today: I have some kittens available, 3 Ruddy boys and 1 Red boy if you know of anyone who might be interested. They were born Feb. 9.

They’re about the same age Jake was when I got him. And, oh, they are so cute!

The little ruddy guy off on his own nomming his paw reminds me so much of Jake…and the little red guy is so sleepy, he’s all, “Dude…I’m trying to sleep, here…Du…hey! Tail!”

Four little boycats, the grandsons of Scar…and, tangentally, it means that there’s a good chance that Jake carries Red since Dillin does. If you’re interested, or know anybody who is, I can vouch for their personalities! 🙂

4 thoughts on “If you’re in the market for an Aby kitten…

  1. I’m interested, but not now unfortunately.

    My problem is I need to have a breeder in my area. I refuse to pick a cat without first meeting it and then have it shipped to me. But unfortunately I cannot find any aby breeders in Ontario.


  2. That actually turned out to be an accident…
    I know Aby breeders in Nova Scotia (Jake’s grandfather is a Nova Scotia boy)…and I think I know of a breeder in, I believe, Montreal…but that’s not hardly Ontario, I know.

    I can do a little looking around…I’m sure there’s someone breeding Abys in Ontario. I also think there’s an Aby rescue in Michigan somewhere.

    I have actually adopted a cat without meeting her first…Tessie. She was shipped to us from Oregon. I also adopted Angel without meeting her first, but I went out to get her, and I could have always changed my mind once we met. In both cases, things worked out well. Angel is, of course, a rescue and a little damaged, but she’s a wonderful cat. And Tessie! She’s the most devoted, loyal, clingy, loving cat I’ve ever had. She’s easily as bonded to us as Kylie is, and we raised Kylie from a 7 week old kitten. It’s interesting…you can’t always predict how you’ll bond with a cat.

    As far as Jacoby goes, he was chosen for me out of the litter, but he was “my” cat from the moment we met. The second day we had him, he was already glued to my side…



    1. I’ve seen that picture before is very very cute!

      I was looking into an aby for when my 16 year old himalayan boy passes on. I find it hilarious as most of the tendencys and activites you describe Jake doing I nod my head along because Chance does similar things. Although I’m sure a aby would be like having two Chance’s.

      I was looking around online at one point, but most of the websites were outdated. The problem is even if I can find a aby breeder here in Ontario they may not be a good breeder. Montreal might be a contender or Michigan, just would be a LONG way to drive. A greyhound would probably be better for me and cheaper and I’m sure an aby kitten really wouldn’t mind the ride back 😉

      Its all just a thought for the future though, again would need to look further into a breeder closer to home which is Southern Ontario.


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