Aby-a-Day – May 29: My Cat From Hell

We’ve started watching My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet. It’s a pretty interesting show, and the host, Jackson Galaxy, has a lot of good insights.


Angel’s definitely a fan!

This is pretty much what Jacoby does to me in the morning…

…the only thing that would make it more accurate would be to transform Bucky from a Siamese to an Aby, but today’s Get Fuzzy describes my life. Minus the carpet fibres and the barfing on the computer, maybe, but it’s always “food o’clock” in Jake’s world.

Get Fuzzy
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The strip which got me hooked on this comic in the first place was very similar. It was one of the very first ones that Darby Conley (who lives in Boston, by the way) drew, and it involved Rob eating a sandwich. Bucky’s head appears over the tabletop and he says, “Is that tuna? Can I have it?”
Rob, chewing, responds, “Don’t you mean, ‘can I have some of it?”
And Bucky answers, “No…I think I could eat it all.”

And that, too, is so very like Jake, who tries to grab the food off of my fork as I’m lifting it to my mouth.