Aby-a-Day – May 31: Dis iz mah fort, no gurls allowed!

Sometimes, I’ll suddenly realise that I haven’t seen Jacoby in a while. And even though we live in a rather small apartment, it’s pretty amazing how many hiding places there are for a cat.


I finally found Jake burrowed inside the moving blanket.


It was very a very warm and secluded napping spot, undiscovered and unsullied by the other cats.


Jake did not want to come out, either. The only reason I found him was I noticed a slight movement when I leaned over the moving blanket.


Of course, the reason the moving blanket was out behind the sofa where he could sleep in it was because we had just bought a new bag of World’s Best Litter; just as a precaution (because, and I quote, “Why would we need to protect a bag of litter? Who would possibly want to chew into a bag of litter?”) we protected the bag with the moving blanket.


Obviously, we failed. I have no idea…maybe it’s the corn? That would be ironic; we spend more money buying dry cat food with less grain in it and then he gnaws his ways into 100% corn litter. We were also protecting a bulk pack of toilet paper under the moving blanket, because Jake has had his moments with unattended rolls of TP, but at least for now he seems to have outgrown that particular oral fixation.


Still, you never know…