Aby-a-Day – May 17: These paws were made for walking

Jacoby loves walking along Boston’s Fort Point Channel.


He likes to walk either alongside the curb…


…or on it.


He actually trots along at a good clip.


I have go at a pretty brisk pace if I don’t want to be left behind!


Of course I am never far away…someone has to drag his carrier!

Aby-a-Day – May 16: They see me strollin’, they hatin’ (Hipstamatic Monday)

Hipstamatic gives some interesting effects with motion.


Jake riding in his stroller becomes a magical mystery trip.


Even in living black and white!

Aby-a-Day – May 15: Hello lamppost, what’cha knowing?

When we’re walking home, I leave it up to Jacoby when to start walking. Generally, when he recognises where we are, he wants to get out of his carrier and walk.


The other day on the way home from a visit, he decided he wanted to start walking on the Summer Street Bridge. I think he actually knows how to get home from the post office, but I didn’t let him out till we were safely on the bridge’s sidewalk.


The Summer Street Bridge seems like a rather ordinary and mundane structure, but it is actually the last retractile bridge still standing in the US.


It’s also the site of the worst accident in Boston public transportation historya streetcar crashed through the gate while the bridge was open on November 7, 1916, and 47 people drowned in the Channel. I only recently learned this…I walk over that bridge nearly every day!


The Summer Street Bridge (which seems to have no other name) was built and dedicated in 1899 and we’re here standing on it in 2011. I like that.

Aby-a-Day – May 14: Homeward bound

When Jacoby and I walk home along the Harborwalk, he rides in his stroller or his carrier to a certain point. When he gets a certain distance away from home, he decides he wants to start walking.


He walks with purpose when he walks, too.


And he doesn’t let anything stop him.


Well…almost nothing.


For some reason, this empty packet of chips stopped him in his tracks.


“Some reason” being that Jake likes potato chips and probably wanted a snack…

Blog Buttons

Yesterday I got a comment asking me if I had any blog buttons that they could use on their blog to link to mine. I didn’t have any…but I do now! I did a little quick study this morning and made these:

Read The Daily Abyssinian!

Read The Daily Abyssinian!

Read The Daily Abyssinian!

Read The Daily Abyssinian!

Read The Daily Abyssinian!

Read The Daily Abyssinian!

Read The Daily Abyssinian!

Read The Daily Abyssinian!

If you want to use them on your blog or website, you can choose the size you want to use…I guess it was about time I made some of these!

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Aby-a-Day – May 13: Not so unlucky (Fashion Friday)

Last Friday, Jacoby wore his Bruins jersey while he watched them defeat the Philadelphia Flyers to move on the Eastern finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning.


However, he wasn’t as much of a lucky charm for the Boston Celtics last Monday night…



If they had beat Miami, they could have moved on in the NBA Championship. Alas, it was not to be. They went down 3-1 to the Heat on Monday, and then Wednesday in Miami they were eliminated.


Still, I think the Celtics jersey looks even better on him than the Bruins one does. Oh, well…there’s always next year!

Aby-a-Day – May 12: Adventures in Green Line Land

I think Jacoby has mixed feelings about riding the Green Line (not unlike most of Boston); on one paw, they’re screechy and noisy, not nearly as smooth a ride as the Red Line, and, especially during Red Sox home games, crowded and cramped…but on the other paw, they go above ground, and that means there are things to look at when you look through the windows.


Once the train goes underground, Jake settles in his seat to people-watch.






“Are we there yet?”

Aby-a-Day – May 11: Wordless Wednesday (Waiting for the train)


Aby-a-Day – May 10: Tessie’s anniversary

6 years ago today, Tessie’s breeder and I booked her cross-country flight from Oregon. Her dilight was 20 May 2005, but I always think of 10 May as the day I adopted her. We picked her up at Logan Airport, and an hour after bringing her home, it was like she’d always lived with us.


Jacoby still isn’t entirely sure why this requires him to share his blog with her two days in a row.

Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

How appropriate! Today’s Page-a-Day Cat Calendar page is about cats’ ears and how mobile they are, so of course they use an Abyssinian as an example:


This little cutey, Lulu, doesn’t live far away; she’s in Concord, NH. I wonder if she’s related to Jake?

Aby-a-Day – May 9: Sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleave of care…(Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby and Tessie are the two cats who sleep cuddled together the most.


Kylie and Angel both tend to sleep on their own, Angel especially. Jake and Tessie are also the two who sleep with us on the bed or the sofa, often touching us with a paw to make sure we’re there.


You can’t get more relaxed than this!

Aby-a-Day – May 8: This is mine

For his birthday, Jacoby got a new rolling carrier for therapy visits.


This one, by Pet Gear, is a lovely sage green, it’s very roomy, and it has two leash/seatbelts inside to secure him safely in place. It can be used as a rolling carrier, shoulder bag, regular carrier, backpack, or car seat.


He took to it immediately.


I’m not sure, though, if he was camping out in it because it was new and he loved it, or if he was camping out in it to prevent anyone else from getting their hairs and scent all over the inside.

Happy Mother’s Day

Leave it to Cheezburger to post an Aby Mother’s Day LOLcat

Of course, Jacoby can’t call his mother, but here she is…


And then, well…


I suppose he has two mothers, hasn’t he? This morning, he cuddled with his head on my shoulder in a ball under my chin, and, for once, he didn’t bite my earrings or my hair to wake me up. Ha! That must be his version of breakfast in bed!

Aby-a-Day – May 7: To bleed black and gold

There’s actually a pretty lively discussion about cats wearing clothes on Catster. Currently, 43.48% of the people responding to the poll seem to believe that clothing on cats is “so wrong.”


Obviously, these people have never met Jacoby.


Last night there was a pivotal game in the Bruins-Flyers Stanley Cup playoff series, so Jake, like any red-blooded Boston guy, put on his black and gold and settled on the sofa to watch the big game.


(Notice the happy, kneading, grabby hands…m w m w m w m…)


(I love the little shoulder emblems!)

He wore the jersey for the entire game and, as far as we could tell, he was perfectly content. He even jumped up on the counter to “help” me when I went to get a glass of milk. One commenter on the Catster poll wrote, “Have you ever noticed how miserable the cats look in the pictures where they are dressed up? Don’t the people who love them notice how miserable they look?”


Yeah…no. No, I can honestly say that I’ve never noticed that with Jake.

Aby-a-Day – May 6: Sixo de Mayo (Fashion Friday)

Because everyone who’s ever been to Mexico for at least five minutes buys one of these to put on their cat’s head…


…and because yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, but today is Fashion Friday…


…and with Jacoby’s therapy visits and his urinary tract infection, Angel’s been rather neglected in the blog lately…


…here’s Angel wearing a sombrero from Cozumel.

DVR Alert: Too Cute! Kittens

Thanks to Aeryn for this tip: Animal Planet has a show, “Too Cute! Kittens” featuring the first weeks of life of three litters of purebreds: Persians, Bengals, and…Abyssinians!

It will be aired again tomorrow, Saturday May 7, at 7pm EDT/PDT, so get your DVR ready! In the meantime, be sure to check out the Too Cute! Kittens slideshow.

From the Animal Planet website, it looks like there are three kittens in the Aby litter…just like Jacoby’s. I can’t wait! But in the meantime, look at this clip of Tiny Dancer and the rest of the family!

Aby-a-Day – May 5: Is it medicine time yet?

Dr. KC called this morning with the results of Jacoby’s urine test: he does have a slight bladder infection. He also had a small but significant amount of struvite crystals present, which puts him at risk for possibly developing stones in the future. But for now, he’s well on his way to recovery, and, if there is a bright side to Jacoby being sick, it is Pill Pockets.


Three little words: He. Loves. Them.


I mean, he really loves them!


The only difficult part about giving Jake his medicine is getting the pills into the treat pockets before he eats them right out of my hands!


But I have to say, it’s nice; he needs three pills in the morning and two in the evening, and he can’t wait to eat them up. Yum!

The sad thing is, we had planned to go to both Brookline Health and NewBridge on Sunday to visit the residents (especially on Mother’s Day, for the people who won’t have family visiting), but the vet’s said he should stay home until he’s done with his medication.

Aby-a-Day – May 4: Wordless Wednesday (Gimme my pill!)


Aby-a-Day – May 3: Today was brought to you by the letter “P”

When I woke up this morning, it seemed like a perfectly ordinary Tuesday.


Then Jacoby went to the bathroom and nothing happened.


(I took these photos to show the vet, not to post, but since I have them…) Poor Jake went from box to box, trying to pee in each one as though a change of venue might be more productive. Every time, only a few drops came out. He must have tried at least 10 times in less than an hour.

Being fairly well-read on the subject of feline healthcare (and having on hand both the most recent edition of the Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook and the Cornell Book of Cats as well as The Veterinarian’s Guide to Your Cat’s Symptoms because, for some reason, looking things up in books is so much more satisfying than Googling them at times like these), I knew that a cat trying to pee and not being able to – especially a boycat – is an emergency. It could be a blockage of the urethra (which is narrow in male cats), or Cystitis, or crystals or stones in the bladder, but whatever it is, it’s definitely not a “wait-and-see” situation. So, I bundled Jake up in his carrier and we went to see the vet.


We saw Dr. KC (who we saw when he had his escalator accident back in October), and she agreed that there was something going on, probably Cystitis since he was otherwise perky and eating well. She prescribed Clavamox (antibiotic), Tramadol (pain reliever) and Phenoxybenzamine (which reduces urethral spasms and increases urine outflow). However, I wasn’t to give him the Clavamox until I’d gotten his urine sample.


I’m sure you’re wondering (as was I), “how in the heck do you get a urine sample from a cat?” Why, with PlastiLitter, of course! You put the PlastiLitter into a small, empty litterbox and wait til the cat pees in there, then pour out the urine (which the plastic pebbles don’t absorb) and take it back to the vet. Easy peasy! Except, not really.

“Seriously? Seriously!?

Jake went pee surprisingly quickly, almost as soon as I’d set up the little litterbox, and I got as much of it as I could and ran back to the vet…but it wasn’t enough. I had a doctor appointment of my own during lunch (ironically, involving a urine test), and then I had to get back to work, so I had to leave Jake alone in the bedroom with his little red cat show pan and his PlastiLitter and hope for the best.

You know you’re a cat mom when…all the time you’re at work you can’t wait to get home and see if your kitty has peed. It was the first thing I checked when I walked in the door, before even taking off my shoes or jacket. And…he had not. Not at all. I stirred up the PlastiLitter and showed it to him again, and pretty much begged him to “please go peepee.”

Finally, he went in and gave me a good-sized sample! Hurrah! I think he was as relieved as I was; I know he was thrilled to see the little show box go away and the regular big box returned to the litter cabinet.

So now he’s had his Clavamox, and tomorrow I’ll take his sample back to the vet to see what’s actually going on in there.

Aby-a-Day – May 2: More Hallway Adventures (Hipstamatic Monday)

When I get home from work, I need to scoop the litter boxes and feed the cats their nightly can of wet food. In between these two chores, I have to take the bag of litter box scoopings out to the garbage room. Jacoby generally accompanies me and then we have a little free-range hallway time. I prefer to have this one-on-one time with him, but occasionally Tessie will come along. I don’t like to take out more than two at a time, because it becomes exponentially more difficult to keep track of them all.


Basically, it’s like herding cats.


Which I am actually fairly good at, but just because you have a knack for something doesn’t mean you really want to do it all the time.


But lately, both Tessie and Angel have been insisting to be let out with Jake, and it’s hard to say no to them. It’s especially hard to not let shy, skittish Angel out when she asks, because it’s so rare.


She doesn’t often feel secure enough inside our apartment to parade with her banner tail held high!


Seeing it aloft in unfamiliar territory is just such a miracle!


Especially in the presence of Tessie, with whom she still has the most strained relationship.