Aby-a-Day – June 5: Jake’s version of heaven

Nothing makes Jacoby happier than when we get groceries delivered.


And it’s not for the reason you’d think, either. Sure, the food is really interesting and al, but the big prize is the plastic shopping bags!


He loves to chew on them, so I have to keep an eye on him whenever there’s a plastic bag in the room with him, but hey, he loves them.


I know that we’re all supposed to not use plastic bags, and when I go shopping myself, I always use a cloth shopping bag. But when the groceries are delivered, they don’t give the option of not getting them bagged in plastic, and anyway, we actually need a small supply of these plastic bags. Otherwise, we’d need to buy plastic bags just to throw away used cat litter.

Therapy Cats Provide Hope

This is pretty awesome…a friend of mine wrote an article about therapy cats for PawNation, and they used the photo of Jacoby in his mistletoe hat!

I think there were a few miscommunications between what she wrote and what they published (for one thing, Jake and I don’t do reading programs, at least, not yet), but it’s still a great article. People are always so surprised to learn that there are therapy cats when they meet Jake, so it’s nice to get a little publicity.