Therapy Cats Provide Hope

This is pretty awesome…a friend of mine wrote an article about therapy cats for PawNation, and they used the photo of Jacoby in his mistletoe hat!

I think there were a few miscommunications between what she wrote and what they published (for one thing, Jake and I don’t do reading programs, at least, not yet), but it’s still a great article. People are always so surprised to learn that there are therapy cats when they meet Jake, so it’s nice to get a little publicity.

4 thoughts on “Therapy Cats Provide Hope

  1. I think it’s very important that the word gets out about therapy cats, and that there are more of them because I know my human would MUCH rather be visited by a cat than a dog if she ever wound up somewhere where we couldn’t be! And I’m sure there are a lot of humans who feel the same way.


    1. Me, too! That’s why I started doing it, really…I was a sickly little kid (bad asthma; I was in an oxygen tent at one point) and if I was in hospital, I’d have rather had a cat visit me than a dog! I didn’t know cats could do it, until someone saw me out with Jake’s brother Gun-Hee, and asked me if I’d ever considered training him to do therapy work. I never got to do it with him, so Jake and I did it instead, and as it turns out, I think Jake is even more suited for it, temperament-wise, than Gun-Hee was (Gun-Hee was afraid of dogs, for one thing).

      So yes, I agree!


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