“I’m not in your way, am I, Doc?”

Sherry, Jacoby and Gun-Hee’s breeder, sent me this Iams commercial yesterday, telling me it was “very typical Abyness,” and she’s right – Max acts just like Jake, especially the headbutts while trying to write. Check it out:

What’s funny is, I hadn’t seen it before she sent me the YouTube link, but then, a couple of hours later, it popped up while I was watching a Criminal Minds marathon. I guess it was fate.

Another fun fact: The veterinarian in these Iams ads is a real vet, Dr. Darin Hisanaga DVM from Waipahu, HI. I just think that it’s really a nice touch on Iams’ part, featuring an actual vet in these spots and not an actor.

Iams really does seem to love their Abys. They feature an Aby on their Healthy Naturals dry food, too. And take a look at this…I found this 1990 Iams ad and just instantly fell in love with it…it’s just so wonderfully Abyssinian.

(click to embiggen – you really need to, to see all the detail)

Aby-a-Day – June 6: Welcome to Mutual of Boston’s Wild Kingdom (Hipstamatic Monday)

Taking photos in the dark with Instamatic is fun. You end up with photos that look like something taken around the watering hole in the African savannah with infrared cameras.


“And here you see the wild Abyssinian as he moves towards the warmest spot on the bed…notice how his unsuspecting prey is completely unaware of his approach…”