Aby-a-Day – June 7: App for Cats

I have some apps on my iPhone that are there solely for the enjoyment of the kitties, especially Jacoby. One of these is named simply (and logically) App for Cats


App for Cats features little bugs crawling around the screen.


It starts out with one and then gradually adds more and more (kind of like Microsoft products…oh, snap). When you tap a bug, the phone makes a “meow” sound and all the bugs speed up.


As far as Jake’s concerned, it works!


Although, he did seem to have a hard time believing that the bugs weren’t just underneath my phone.


This app has versions for both the iPhone and the iPad, and I’ve heard that the iPad is much more fun for cats to play with, but Jake seems to enjoy the smaller version quite a bit…or, maybe he just likes trying to push my phone off the bed.