Aby-a-Day – June 10: I feel pretty (Fashion Friday)

As I pointed out at Christmastime, Build-a-Bear clothes fit cats.


I got this pretty peachy-pink dress for Kylie, but it occurred to me that it has purple mixed in and it would look pretty great on Angel.


I was right!


To be honest, she wasn’t thrilled…


And she didn’t really like posing on the windowsill in the hallway – I was only able to get this one shot before she leapt down and scuttled back to our apartment!


…But she’s much more relaxed than Kylie was when I tried the dress on her.



She even vamped it up and did some posing for me!


Angel doesn’t love dressing up the way Jacoby does (she definitely wasn’t purring), but she tolerates it well.


Truth be told, she probably tolerates it better than Jake tolerates other cats being in the spotlight!


Of course, bribing her with

Abys: Clowns of the cat world?

Quite possibly. I found this photo of Sierra on Flickr…look at this face! It’s the embodiment of the emoticon O.o

Sierra's stinkface

Sierra is a foster Aby in British Columbia with a very expressive face. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo quite like this one! Her person says this is her “stink face,” which describes it really well.


She’s also capable of making normal faces, too.