Aby-a-Day – June 19: Daily Abyssinian iPhone cases FREE to good homes!

It’s a very long story as to why I have these, but I have not one but two (2) Case-Mate Tough Cases with Gun-Hee, Angel and Jacoby on the green tiki background you see on this very blog. Still wondering why I have two extra cases? Let’s just say that Case-Mate takes customer satisfaction on its custon cases very seriously.


These are seriously great cases for iPhones. The cases I have will only work on AT&T or international iPhone 4s (no idea why the Verizon phones won’t fit), but I can tell you, this case will protect your iPhone. I accidentally dropped my phone a couple of feet onto the sidewalk, and not only was my iPhone 100% fine, the case was barely damaged. It got a tiny bit scuffed on one corner, but it took me a whole day to find it!

I just want to share them with you, because they’re so incredible and because I have two extra cases and only one iPhone. So, comment on this post if you want one, and tell me the funniest cat story you’ve ever experienced. Make me laugh! I’ll pay postage – anywhere on Earth – so if you have an iPhone and want an Aby case, go for it. I’ll pick the winners after midnight Thursday, 24 June.


Jake wishes to remind you that he will be helping me select the winners. The cases are just like the one on my iPhone in this photo, but the rubber inner bumper is black, not bright green.


He also offered to demonstrate how great the case protects your iPhone when it crashes to the floor from a height…that’s okay, Jake, I think they get it!