Aby-a-Day – June 23: One cat’s naughty is another cat’s courageous

Even after almost three years of living with us, Angel is still very skittish and nervous. So when she bravely ventures onto the kitchen counters, we don’t scold her.


Quite the contrary!


We encourage and applaud her!





(Although not too loudly, so as not to startle her into losing her nerve, jumping down and scuttling away.)

Abyssinian Cover Cat on August 2011 issue of Cat Fancy

Imagine my delight when I opened my PO Box to see this handsome fellow gazing back at me:


Abys are the featured cover cat on the August issue of Cat Fancy! Finally! They generally feature all CFA and TICA breeds in rotation, so it’s roughly two years between each breed’s cover article. It’s not a bad article, although it’s rather basic information (and there’s no mention of all the great blogs devoted to Abys at all!), but I do like the way they describe Abys as being “groupies.”

If you’re interested, you can find Cat Fancy in most bookstores with large magazine selections, and I’ve also seen them on sale at most Petcos.

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I really should get some rubber stamps made…

I had the cats sign my husband’s birthday card using a brown pigment ink stamp pad I got at Paper Source. Kylie and Tessie still have ink on their paws, despite my trying to clean them. I suppose it was rather breedist of me to use Aby-friendly brown ink, wasn’t it?


Can you tell whose paw is whose? It seems super obvious to me…

(In case you were wondering, here’s the outside; it’s a Hallmark Micheal Scott birthWHOLEday card!)