Aby-a-Day – June 28: Remembering Gun-Hee

June 28. I cannot think of this day without thinking of Gun-Hee. Three years ago today was the day he lost his battle with FIP. He’d only been diagnosed on the 20th.

I have learned a lot about FIP in the past three years, things I could really have lived a lifetime not needing to know. As much as I love Angel, and, of course, Jacoby (who shares Gun-Hee’s blood, but not, thankfully, whatever rogue gene made Gun-Hee’s and his littermate/brother Rusty’s body attack itself…as much as I love the other cats in my life, I will always miss Gun-Hee.

And, of course, whenever you have to put a cat to sleep, especially a young one, like Gun-Hee (who was not yet two years old), no matter how sick they are, you always second-guess yourself, wondering if they might not have recovered if you had just kept the vets entrenched in battle.

As it was, we took Gun-Hee to Angell Hospital that Saturday knowing that we would, most likely, be coming home with an empty carrier, and he did tell us, in his way, that he didn’t want to fight anymore, that he knew the mutation had won, but none of that made it any easier.


We’d taken him to Angell Saturday the 21st, and they kept him until Monday evening, running every test they could. It rained almost the entire week leading up to that final Saturday, but Wednesday was clear and sunny, and I took Gun-Hee out for one last outing, in the sunshine.


They’d shaved patches of his fur to drain his belly and take his blood for testing. He loved being outside…but it’s painfully obvious, looking at the photos, that he just didn’t feel good.


He was such a sweet boy. I will always miss you, Gun-hee-yah.


I have this photo charm with his picture on it that I had made by Kimbra Studios. With this, he’s always with me.

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – June 28: Remembering Gun-Hee

  1. I only put my boy Shaido to sleep this past April, but I will never forget the impact he had in my life (15 years young he was). We’d already done 1 year with diabetes, but he wasn’t keeping any weight on. It was a hard decision, and I still find myself regretting it.

    It was because of your blog that I found out about Alex in Welderland’s pet urns. We have one for him. So for that, and the many smiles your cats’ antics have given me, thank you very much.

    My new kitten Stormy says “Mew!” and old gal Siren says “Mer” (she growls a lot now…).


  2. It’s so awful to lose a companion so young, and so not fair. Yes, life is not fair, but so what – it does not make it any less painful. I only hope that someday there will be a way to eradicate this killer disease.


  3. *hug* Reading about Gun-Hee and his adventures is how I started to follow your writing and your blog. Your blog brings me a little ray of joy every single day. I can’t believe it’s been three years; my heart breaks to think about it, and I still think of you as “Gun-Hee’s mom” despite his absence.

    Take care of yourself. Remember all of the joy Gun-Hee brought you and the people who got to share his life through your writing and photos. 🙂


  4. 😥 ….. *hugs* i am very sorry for your loss. i am also sorry that i never got to follow Gun-Hee’s adventures.

    the memorial charm bracelet that you have is beautiful. 🙂 remember that he will always be with you in spirit and in memory in your heart as well.


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