Aby-a-Day – July 2: Jake likes the night life

I just love walking with Jacoby at dusk and just after sunset on summer evenings. There’s something about being outside with a cat at night that just feels so primeval.


So it’s all the more strange that technology would put a damper on the experience. If I try to capture the moment using the flash, the colours come out different than the way they looked to Jake and me while we were actually there (and I can’t get a photo of his face unless I want to live with flashlight eyes).


Shooting with available light doesn’t look quite right, either, although it captures the mood more accurately. There’s also the problem of shutter speed, and if Jake or I move in the slightest, the image will be blurred.


And even with all the colour-correcting prowess of Photoshop, the colour never does look just right.


So it is some frustration that I admit that, for night photography, my iPhone 4 kind of kicks my Nikon’s megapixels.