Aby-a-Day – July 8: Designing Felines (Fashion Friday)

My friend Sally (aka HiTideCreations on Etsy) makes wonderful collars and leashes. As I’ve posted in the past, all the cats have their own custom collars, and Jacoby has another collar for his therapy tags, a leash and a harness, too.


The harness, though, I helped design.


I based it on a standard figure-8 harness, but with an added belly strap. I sketched out the idea I had in my head, and Sally made it three dimensional.


It turned out really well, don’t you think?


I just recently got Tessie a new red step-in harness which Jake will borrow for Art Beat next weekend (the theme this year is “red”), and I completely fell in love with the design. So, I emailed Sally a new sketch yesterday.


It doesn’t need to be adjustable, like the original, since Jake is (hopefully!) no longer growing, and it will match his leash and therapy tag collar. The design is so much better for cats than a figure-8 harness; it moves the stress from the neck and belly and places it on the chest, and, unlike many dog harnesses, it fits well on a cat’s narrower, collarboneless frame. I also like the long “tails” on the harness for the leash to attach to, because it makes it easier for the harness to work under a coat or sweater (which, if they have leash holes, don’t always have them in the same place), something we had a bit of trouble with over the winter.

So, stay tuned…I, for one, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

After several nice days in a row, this morning Boston woke up to dark grey skies and rain, so it was especially nice to see today’s Page-a-Day Cat Calendar page.


I love the caption, too: There’s nothing like an Abyssinian. This beautiful creature, though lovely to look at, is not a decorative lap cat[*]. The Aby is much too busy playing fetch…or climbing your drapes. As hyperactive as they are, Abyssinians still require lots of attention from their owners and can become depressed if they’re left alone. They thrive in pairs and get along with other cats. Unsurprisingly, Abys also make good hunters, and the females are fiercely territorial. You mean, people have both drapes and Abys??

This guy’s name is Michael-Jake…I’d love to do a poll or study someday, because I have a suspicion that “Jake” may just be the most common name for a boy Aby. Jacoby’s paternal grandfather is also named Jake, so it’s a family name for him, too.

[* Unless, of course, the Aby wants to be a decorative lap cat, in which case all bets are off.]