Abys and Food: A Marketer’s Dream Come True

You may recall my post from last month, wherein I shared a current Iams TV spot featuring a gregarious Aby named Max along with an old 1991 magazine ad for Iams featuring 24 days in the life of an Abyssinian.

Iams seems to have an affinity for Abyssinians. This is the cat featured on their bag of ProActive Health™ Adult Digestive Care:

And this is the cat that, until recently, graced their bags of Healthy Naturals™ kibble:


Iams isn’t the only cat food to feature Abys; Purina has a Somali on their bags and cans of Pro Plan® Selects®:


What’s really funny is even FooPets‘ virtual cat food sports an Aby on the bag!


But the most puzzing Aby spokesmodel endorsement are the Abys on Royal Canin’s Selective Satisfaction line:


“Only Royal Canin offers THREE nutritional selections for picky cats!” it says, but…Picky? Abys? Based on the Abyssinians I have known, “picky” is not among the top 25 adjectives I would use to describe them. “Voracious billy goats” is much more appropriate, considering Jacoby once tried to eat a McDonald’s Baked Hot Apple Pie…

Aby-a-Day – July 12: Striking a pose

For whatever reason, Jacoby seems to be most photogenic when he’s in the vet’s waiting room.


I don’t know why, but waiting for his turn in the lobby just brings out his best.


It’s always been that way, too, from the very first time I took him in.

jake 019

Of course, he’s grown a bit since then!