Toy Abyssinians

As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I go to eBay and search “Abyssinian” just to see what comes up. The last time I did this, I scored some adorable little plastic toy Abys.


First, I got this pair of Aby kittens (or, as the slip of paper that came with them says, “The Real Cat’s Childhood”) from China.


I’m pretty sure they were originally sold in capsules from a vending machine. I have to say, though, I’m quite impressed that they have both a ruddy and a blue Aby; out of ten kittens in this set, Abys are the only breed to have two representatives.

golfingaby-front golfingaby-back

I also found this little Japanese golfing Aby figurine who came with his own trading card.


How adorable is he!? Look at those ears, and those big, round, attentive Aby eyes following his ball! Whoever designed the mold for this figure is obviously familiar with Abys; he actually looks like an Abyssinian, and not just a cat that’s painted to look like an Aby.

I wonder if Jacoby would wear a visor like that?

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