Aby-a-Day – July 22: The Cat Lady in Red (Fashion Friday)

Last weekend at ArtBeat, Ritterbin Photography had a booth set up for free Facebook photos. Well, I said, I don’t do Facebook, but can I use them in my blog? “Of course!” was Mike’s response. Now, I don’t know how fashionable we are, but we did avail ourselves of some of the props.


Jacoby has red star sunglasses, and I am wearing a red fez.


Or, as my dad would say, “I don’t remember the name, but the fez is familiar” (Yeah, it’s a genetic problem, obviously).

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – July 22: The Cat Lady in Red (Fashion Friday)

  1. Love your blog, I have a 16 month old aby…LiliBelle……and a 2 1/2 year old aby-tabby, Rosie….

    I would like to get another aby kitten, specificially a dark red one….I have never been so enchanted, they are such a joy……

    If there is a breeder that you recommend, as you are so knowledgable, I would appreciate the info. ….Thanks Gail


    1. Aww! I’d love to see photos! When you say Rosie is an Aby-Tabby, is she part Aby? I had a part-Aby silver tabby when I was in grade 8 called Rossi. He was gorgeous, and smart. It’s rare to find part-Aby mixes; people rarely let Abys interbreed with other cats. Interesting; I think Abys are the “purest” purebreed cats since they have no approved breeds to outcross to, Some would say they’re the most inbred cats, which may be true, too. That’s why they used an Aby to map the feline genome, anyway.


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