Aby-a-Day – July 23: After ArtBeat

After ArtBeat, we got on the T to meet my husband and his sister’s family at the Apple Store.


Jacoby loves it when the train goes above-ground to cross the Charles River.



And who can blame him? It’s a pretty awesome view…


…Well, except when a train going the other direction passes and blocks the view.

Another Jake

I was actually looking for photos of Jake aka Zunar-J5/9-Doric-47, but I discovered this handsome red/sorrel Jake.

I went to my mom's house and my first born Jake greeted me. Jake is a cat.

Apparently Jake’s human, Angry Julie Monday, is allergic to him. I test allergic to cats, but I’ve found I’m only allergic to certain breeds: Persians and American Shorthairs will set me off, but Siamese, Burmese, Devon Rexes, Abys and Maine Coons don’t. It makes sense that certain breeds would be more or less allergenic; dander is mainly dried saliva, and saliva is protein, which is basically made of DNA. Since purebred cats have orderly, specialised DNA, their dander is a known quality. That’s why I tell people who are allergic to cats that they may not be allergic to certain cats.

I’m glad I didn’t give up when I had that first allergy skin prick test when I was 10 that indicated I was “moderately to severely” allergic to cats. I would have missed a lot.

I wonder if “Jake” and its variations (Jacob, Jacoby) is a common name for Abyssinians? I know that Jacoby’s grandfather was called Jake, too. But ERoS only shows 18 cats with “Jake” in their name or pet name.