Another Jake

I was actually looking for photos of Jake aka Zunar-J5/9-Doric-47, but I discovered this handsome red/sorrel Jake.

I went to my mom's house and my first born Jake greeted me. Jake is a cat.

Apparently Jake’s human, Angry Julie Monday, is allergic to him. I test allergic to cats, but I’ve found I’m only allergic to certain breeds: Persians and American Shorthairs will set me off, but Siamese, Burmese, Devon Rexes, Abys and Maine Coons don’t. It makes sense that certain breeds would be more or less allergenic; dander is mainly dried saliva, and saliva is protein, which is basically made of DNA. Since purebred cats have orderly, specialised DNA, their dander is a known quality. That’s why I tell people who are allergic to cats that they may not be allergic to certain cats.

I’m glad I didn’t give up when I had that first allergy skin prick test when I was 10 that indicated I was “moderately to severely” allergic to cats. I would have missed a lot.

I wonder if “Jake” and its variations (Jacob, Jacoby) is a common name for Abyssinians? I know that Jacoby’s grandfather was called Jake, too. But ERoS only shows 18 cats with “Jake” in their name or pet name.

3 thoughts on “Another Jake

  1. Jake is my abby’s special friend, although they haven’t met I’m pretty sure they could be hubby/wife although I think he is twice her size.

    I loved that part about DNA, no wonder my husband swears cat bother him but our abby doesn’t.


    1. Awww! That’s so cute! Jake does have a top hat and bow tie for the wedding…


      When I had my Siamese, I noticed people who said they were always allergic to cats didn’t seem to be allergic to my Siamese. But also, some people who had cats of their own and weren’t allergic to them did have allergic reactions to my Siamese! Later on, I’d read more about DNA, and that’s when I came up with my theory. It really does make sense.


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