Aby-a-Day – July 27: Wordless Wednesday (Jake with his aunt and cousins)



Abyssinian Alert! Brat Cat Designs

I have to share this Etsy seller with you all: Brat Cat Designs. Not only does he make great cat furniture, but look at his QA team:


Olaf is in the back, Virgil is the big guy, and Lilith is the silver Aby (I really love their names, too). With these three on the job, you know this furniture has got to be well-made!

Here’s Olaf in the wall-mounted steel cat hammock:


And here’s Olaf again, on the free-standing steel-framed hammock:


I plan to keep an eye on his shop, because, well…just read his shop announcement: Our specialty is pet products and furniture with an eye for uniqueness and durability. No carpet-wrapped cardboard mushroom towers here. All of our designs go through a rigorous testing and approval process by our crew: Olaf, Lilith and Virgil. More products will be available soon. Check back to see the cat walks and water filter.

Anything rigourously tested and Aby approved is something we probably need in our home, don’t you think? The cat walks he mentions are going to be made of lucite, and the water filter will “actually work.” I’m especially interested in lucite catwalks; eventually, I want to live in an apartment where cats can circumnavigate the house without ever touching the floor.

But really? How appropriate is “Brat Cat Designs” for a company named after Abyssinians?