Fashion Friday Bonus: Toki on Moderncat, and a dressy girl Aby

Jake’s cousin Toki and his human Julie’s Etsy shop CatAtelier were featured on Moderncat this past Wednesday! So nice to see a familiar face 🙂

And, in the comments of that post, I was alerted to another fashion-forward Abyssinian on Etsy:


I don’t know her name, but isn’t she lovely? And couldn’t you just see them all at a dance?


Toki and Jake would fight over the pretty girl, wouldn’t they? Although I am told that “Toki would never wear the strawberry beret to a dance/ball! Since Jake has the elegant black tux and top hat, Toki would wear.. a deep grey suit with a silver and blue paisley cravat and midnight blue waistcoat.”

Aby-a-Day – July 29: The Bro Dress Code (Fashion Friday)

Because I wear green polo shirts when I take Jacoby on therapy visits, I thought it would be cute to get him a green polo shirt of his own.


Little did I know he’d look like such a frat boy in it!


How cool is he with his popped collar?


If Jake went to Cat College, he’d definitely be B.C.O.C. (Big Cat on Campus). He’d probably pledge Kappa Alpha Tau.